With regular treatment, it has made a huge difference to my life. My shoulder complaint and back problem don't trouble me like they used to. After an operation to remove a bunion, I have had continuous swelling in my feet causing me pain. With ongoing treatment the swelling has reduced, I don't feel the pain and now my shoes actually fit. After treatment I feel alot more relaxed and it helps me to unwind after work. - Karen Bolton, Llandaff, Cardiff

I had a road traffic accident last year, where I sustained an injury to my ankle and lower back.The treatment I have received has made symptoms much less uncomfortable and I feel I can move more freely. The service is excellent with flexible appointment times. - Kirsty Bolton, Llandaff, Cardiff

As a keen martial artist I train frequently, both in my class and in the gym. Regular treatment with Chris has enabled me to push myself a bit further when training and my recovery times after training have improved considerably. My long standing achilles tendon complaint is now manageable. I would not hesitate to recommend the clinic. - Liz Prescott, Llandaff, Cardiff

Since my car accident I have found the treatment Karran has provided have helped to relieve the pain from the whiplash injuries I sustained. My back injury was very painful and coupled with my work in the consruction industry my work was just irriatating the complaint. I have been able to return to work far quicker than I anticipated. A very fast, friendly service. - Chris Harper, St Mellons, Cardiff

I have ongoing treatment at Elybridge Chiropractic due to work related strains, my back complaint is now manageable and I can move my upper back and shoulder without the pain I used to experience. Karran has also devised a programme where I can keep an eye on my posture to prevent further relapses. Aside from the treatment, free parking by the clinic is very handy. - Joe Vassalo, Llanrumney, Cardiff

After years in the same working environment, I was experiencing debilitating back ache and I tended to drop my head forward in work and get neck pain and headaches which meant I was having time off work and losing money.. Not anymore, Karran has worked wonders to the point I have gone back to work and can now manage these aches and pains. My condition is no longer having such a big impact on my life and I feel I have got some order back. - Tyrone Beecham, St Fagans, Cardiff